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Echoes From Fomalhaut #09: Beyond the Gates of Sorrow


Image of Echoes From Fomalhaut #09: Beyond the Gates of Sorrow
  • Image of Echoes From Fomalhaut #09: Beyond the Gates of Sorrow

A 56-page fanzine featuring adventures and GM-friendly campaign materials for Advanced old-school RPG rules, with cover art by Graphite Prime, and illustrations by Vincentas Saladis, Cameron Hawkey, Denis McCarthy, Stefan B. Poag, and the Dead Victorians. This issue contains...
* Beyond the Gates of Sorrow: Shipwrecked on a northern archipelago seemingly devoid of habitation, you must explore your surroundings and find a way off these rocks... and could there be some profit in it as well? Wilderness and mini-dungeon module for 2nd to 4th level characters, 19+18 keyed locations.
* The Twelve Kingdoms: Players’ guide to a northern region ruled over by several petty feudal estates, and surrounded by raging seas. This article describes the customs, lands, and gods of this war-torn land.
* The Vaults of Volokarnos: Orcs have been spotted near an ancient burial complex housing the resting places of old patrician families, and a famous warlord. The masters of the nearby town want the orcs gone... and are willing to overlook a bit of discrete grave-robbing on the side. A B/X dungeon for 1st level characters, 52 keyed areas.
* Arak Brannia: The island-republic and its surroundings: a two-page mini-setting!
* Two map sheets: players’ hex maps of the Twelve Kingdoms, two map sheets.

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