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Helvéczia: Picaresque Fantasy RPG (boxed edition)

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  • Image of Helvéczia: Picaresque Fantasy RPG (boxed edition)

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1) Before ordering, please check the two different editions to decide which one you would prefer to order. Check the edition comparison chart for an overview.
2) Also, please note that the boxed set is heavy, and ships separately from other ordered items. Unlike the smaller zines and modules – every boxed set incurs a separate shipping charge.
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“Venture into a rugged land of stamp-sized, steadfastly independent petty states, populated with robber bands, pious clergymen, wig-wearing philistines, adventurous countesses, and wily cheats: the cantons of Helvéczia, a territory of forbidding mountain ranges and endless forests betwixt rival empires. (…) A re-imagination of old-school fantasy role-playing in a late 17th century Switzerland that never was, Helvéczia is a fast-paced and colourful game of guns, dames, deviltry and steel, based on swashbuckling tales, penny dreadfuls, local legends, and the strange stories of the Brothers Grimm.”

A sturdy, handmade boxed set filled to capacity with everything you might need to start playing the Helvéczia RPG (except polyhedral dice, which did not fit the box)! Herein, you will find a
complete, new old-school game system for picaresque fantasy role-playing campaigns set in a strange alternate-world Switzerland where danger lurks in the deep forests, and even weirder things are afoot in the high mountain valleys. In addition to a hardcover rulebook, this edition includes a regional adventure supplement, several hex map sheets (GM and player versions), and a folder’s worth of character sheets, and more. With cover art by Peter Mullen, players’ cartography by Sean Stone, and illustrations by the old masters.

This version contains:
* A 204-page hardcover rulebook including character creation, simple yet flexible rules, spells, monsters, magic items (mostly new), to GM advice, random tables, a starting adventure, and a brief setting guide.
* Ammertal and the Oberammsbund, a 72-page regional supplement describing two cantons in Helvéczia in a hex-crawl format, and containing three larger and two shorter adventures, along with other miscellance (this supplement is also available separately).
* An A3 overview map of Helvéczia by Sean Stone, providing an overview of Helvéczia’s geography on one side, and its main cantons, towns and territories on the other.
* Eight more A3-sized, double-sided map sheets offering player and GM hex maps for the entire extent of Helvéczia, and some of the surrounding territories (two of each map included to last multiple campaigns)
* A deck of 32 cards in case you want to play a hand with the devil – according to Hungarian card sharp traditions, the tried and true blue Piatnik card set, NO IMITATIONS ACCEPTED!
* A folder with character sheets, sample characters, and a calendar booklet to keep strict time records with for a meaningful campaign (the folder doubles as a collection of reference sheets).

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