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Shipping, privacy policy, and sundry details


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Worthy Customers & Valued Bots,

Let it be known that while the Bat Plague is resurgent, shipping is reasonably unimpeded. My messengers bear news that the sea lanes are open and clear; and shipping should take under one week for European addresses, and two for overseas ones.

Let it also be known that Australia, New Zealand, and Other Places where people live upside down on the surface of our Globe, have been reopened, and the Post shall now once again brave these territories.

Please note that as usual, shipping rates are flat, staying the same no matter how many items you order. Regular orders are $6 to Europe and $7 worldwide; orders with heavier items (currently Castle Xyntillan) are $20 to Europe and $25 worldwide.

--The Grand Mercantilist, last updated 03rd of January, A.D. MMXXI

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the following privacy policy is in effect with respect to your orders:

1) Orders are handled by Bigcartel and Paypal, who have their own privacy policies.
2) Data collection: I store the following data to process and ship orders, and to maintain communication with you: your name, shipping address, and mailing address. Outside Bigcartel and Paypal's automated systems, I maintain an offline Excel spreadsheet for shipping data, and a cloud-based accounting program where I prepare and store individual invoices.
3) Data storage: I store your personal data for the purposes of fulfillment, customer service, and tax records. No personal data will be shared with public or private parties outside Bigcartel and Paypal unless required by law. Once the original purpose of the data storage is realized, your personal data will be erased. Local tax regulations require me to retain records for two years after my annual tax declaration (due in May after the current year).
4) I will not send you unsolicited e-mails. If you wish to be notified of new releases, I would recommend subscribing to the zine's MeWe group at https://mewe.com/group/5bc4e5620297e4580476c93f I will also post about new releases on my blog, and various forums.

Thank you for your understanding. Happiness, like the GDPR, is mandatory.